Sabtu, 29 November 2008

jakjazz,beat fest,twilight premiere

final exam has finish, but i have some major to remedial. so eniwei it doesn't bother me at all, the real test was finish, so i really make this weekend sooo much fun w a lot of tired.. there were 3 event i positively do this three days.
firstly, performed in JakJazz Fest with Dimi&Fullhouse ft.Aditya. in the beggining, i thought we only have a little audience coz we performed on a same stage after Maliq&D'essential and we have the same time w Kyoto Jazz Massive. Alhamdulillah audienceya lmyn dan ga separah yg dibayangin, we got soo much fun on stage. after performing i went to the main venue to watch KJM w my friend. they're sooooo greattt.. n also b'coz my friend addict w them, after their show, kt nyusul mreka ke ruang cempaka n took some pic

kyoto jazz massive full set

the next day after finishing my last exam, at nite i went to Beat Fest at Bengkel Nite Park. i came when santa monica's end, so i left once of my friends performance. White boys Alive rock the crowd, just to be honest i ever heard them, but never listen their music. so yesterday i dont know any of their songs, and that's not my fav genre actually, but i still love their performance & musicality. my main puspose is Steve Aoki, he build the crowd when he start at 1 am. soo attractive even he just alone on the stage. he plays many songs from his album, movie soundtrack, even hardcore genre. kind of cool huh?

Steve Aoki

Whitest Boy Alive

and this morning i watch Twilight Movie Premiere. i only have 3 hours to sleep after steve aoki, but nobody cant refuse twilight. Edward Edward Edward, it's always about him. i'm not crazy of him, i mean i love him & the character but not fanatic. Robert Pattinson was so COOL, he used to be rebel and rock in the real life, so i must stand up for the make up artist & the author that can make him more than charming. I love edward's dialog & attitude w bella. sexy & seduction. i love his expretion, i think his skills is good. "u like a drugs for me" or when he said that he will make bella's dance, he will protect her, she is her wife, until he said that his self machocistic lion. hmmm i wish i can't handle my heart beat when a guy w all that edward's have told m like that. no one girl can..

Kamis, 27 November 2008

harpers bazaar n P&G

it's been so busy on this month, jd gw jarang bgt ngisi blog. plg2 cm check e-mail,shoutbox,dll. okayy there are some project that must be done on this November. the most harder is my final exam. skrg adlh minggu tes semester, so i must study for the gud result.
last tuesday i performed in HI, there was harper's bazaar & P&G event. tp lbh ditekankan ke hair do sih, kind of tribute to profesional & senior hair dresser. jd ada rudy hadisuwarno, sugi,dll. ev'ry hairdresser has a different theme. masing2 colaborate with designer. dr barli,ade sagi,dll. themanya jg mcm2, ada futuristik, ethnic,dll. pdhal besoknya gw UAS KIMIA yaaa.. but who can refuse fashion show? beside u can enjoy so many fab clothes, i also had a lil experience w the make up, dress, work system,etc on the backstage. the guest star are dimi, anggun, tohpati.
so tmrw i will perform in JakJazz Festival. sktr jam 11.15 mlm mainnya, dan sial nya di dekt2 waktu itu tuh Kyoto Jazz Massive main. mn fullband lg, aaah ngileer pgn ntn. after jakjazz, entah bsk i will watch Steve Aoki at Bengkel.
i must study japan & pk for tomorrow final test. i really2 tired, krn td br plg latian. hmm maybe go to bed is a good ideA. jd, dadaaaah berhubung udh ngantuk jg

Senin, 17 November 2008

welcome jakarta

just go back from bali. i was perform on mastercard event, and the party was sooo great. Dimi opened the show w her wonderful performance, Titi DJ performed her several hits, and closed with Edward Hutabarat fashion show n the adorable models such as Fahrani, Izabel Jahja, Dominique, etc. Host by Sarah Sechan & Nicholas Saputra. unfortunately i have no picture from that event, i'm very hectic for that. but i'll try to find some pic from my friend, n when i get it, i will post in this blog.

after the show @ Sentosa Villa, Bali

my first uber damage 'trashy flashy' costume party
ki-ka: risa,me,syaza,asstrid
i got this pic from

on 23th there's costume party "Uber Damage" n 25th i'll pform on Harper's Bazaar event. but on 21th until further notice i have final exam! arrrggghhhhhh i hate it, i must study hard! :(

Sabtu, 08 November 2008


denim, petite, basic, classy,grunge, and simple fashion really catching my eyes. trousers, jumpsuit, blouse yg cuttingnya keren, basic t-shirt, simple mini skirt,classy gown,little black dress adalah beberapa dr sekian banyak baju yg lg gw suka. i bought basic man tshirt v neck from topshop warna putih & abu2. oversized it's one of my style characterize. but unfortunatelly design2 kaya gini tuh mahal harganya. check out xsml or giordano basic. 1 blouse aja bs sampe 1jt. tempat fav gw on this season are xsml, GAP, zara,topshop,bali biasa,american apparel,populo,alun-alun. tp tentunya gw plg cm bs bli beberapa item doang krn harganya lmyn mahal. and a good fashion it's not always 'bout an expensive retail. GEDEBAGE adalah jawabannya. ooooouuuhhhh i heart this place. fyi, i bought simple black clothes yg cuttingnya kereeeeen bgt hanya dengan 10rb. sepuluh ribu saudara saudara, and spoilernya labelnya bertuliskan VALENTINO GABBANA a.k.a si D&G (Dolce&Valentino Gabbana). terlepas dr authentic or fake nya, yg pasti penemuan gw keren banget. gw jg pnh bli long electric blue blouse seharga 2500 rupiah dan suspender skirt seharga 20rb. yg gw bingung knp temen2 gw suka bingung ya nyari baju dsana, biasanya yg mreka beli paling baju2 vintage standard gt. pdhal dsana denimnya jg banyak bgt. tp kl bli yg croppednya complex bgt emg pasti g bakalan ada, krn itu kan emg creativity designernya yg harganya amatlah mahaal. kaya long suit yg potongannya mcm2 modelnya gt. so here are some of my fav style...

Alexander Wang

Bottega Venetta

i found this pic when blogwalking, but i forgot the blog
another my fav designer are marc jacobs & karl langerfield. i inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, nicole kidman, kate moss. gw lg suka bgt warna2 basic dan pale kaya hitam, abu2, putih, coklat muda,dll. what i like about this style krn minimalis , ga ribet & nyaman dipake, tp ttp clean, rapih, timeless, elegant, dan bs u formal dan unformal. ngga too much, jd bakal lbh nonjolin inner dan lbh natural. go denim!!

Sabtu, 01 November 2008

1st roll

so here are my first lomo's result. i use 35mm format x-pro slide film roll seharga 65rb. process di photo lab jadul deket rumah 25rb, cuci cetak di Adorama kemang 1400/lbr.

to be honest i'm a bit dissapointed w this result. first of all, krn dr 36 slide, yg jadi cm 9 (1 lagi g gw posting). lalu menurut gw hasilnya sgt g artistik. some of emg ada yg dpt effectnya, but it's too absurd. effect without kan jepretnya di kamar, kemang, bandung, sm soulnation. but none of them yg ngliatin viewnya. abstrak abis.
for anyone who has a skill taking w lomo, pls help me!