Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

What if i never know you. IF ... U could back the time, u can change ur life, if regret is not enough. Im begging you god, for every single pray that i've done. I always asked youfor this, and i never ever change this prayer. I need ur help bod, i need ur kindness, ur miracle. What i' ve donein ka'bah, hajar aswad, mecca, madinah, masjidil haram everytime i pray on you, i always asked you this. One pray u cant accept, i stillcan smile. But the most important things in my life, you didnt accept. I believe ur excistency god, i believe on You. But what youve done for me, is more than enuf. First you take away the love, and then u take away the pride. What i have now? What still i have now?