Sabtu, 29 November 2008

jakjazz,beat fest,twilight premiere

final exam has finish, but i have some major to remedial. so eniwei it doesn't bother me at all, the real test was finish, so i really make this weekend sooo much fun w a lot of tired.. there were 3 event i positively do this three days.
firstly, performed in JakJazz Fest with Dimi&Fullhouse ft.Aditya. in the beggining, i thought we only have a little audience coz we performed on a same stage after Maliq&D'essential and we have the same time w Kyoto Jazz Massive. Alhamdulillah audienceya lmyn dan ga separah yg dibayangin, we got soo much fun on stage. after performing i went to the main venue to watch KJM w my friend. they're sooooo greattt.. n also b'coz my friend addict w them, after their show, kt nyusul mreka ke ruang cempaka n took some pic

kyoto jazz massive full set

the next day after finishing my last exam, at nite i went to Beat Fest at Bengkel Nite Park. i came when santa monica's end, so i left once of my friends performance. White boys Alive rock the crowd, just to be honest i ever heard them, but never listen their music. so yesterday i dont know any of their songs, and that's not my fav genre actually, but i still love their performance & musicality. my main puspose is Steve Aoki, he build the crowd when he start at 1 am. soo attractive even he just alone on the stage. he plays many songs from his album, movie soundtrack, even hardcore genre. kind of cool huh?

Steve Aoki

Whitest Boy Alive

and this morning i watch Twilight Movie Premiere. i only have 3 hours to sleep after steve aoki, but nobody cant refuse twilight. Edward Edward Edward, it's always about him. i'm not crazy of him, i mean i love him & the character but not fanatic. Robert Pattinson was so COOL, he used to be rebel and rock in the real life, so i must stand up for the make up artist & the author that can make him more than charming. I love edward's dialog & attitude w bella. sexy & seduction. i love his expretion, i think his skills is good. "u like a drugs for me" or when he said that he will make bella's dance, he will protect her, she is her wife, until he said that his self machocistic lion. hmmm i wish i can't handle my heart beat when a guy w all that edward's have told m like that. no one girl can..

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