Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009

lovely sneakers

ahhaaaaa! finally i got this sneakers. i melt w this stuff since last year, but i was too late so see this incredible shoes. i just bought white adidas royal missy elliot, before i saw this. lucky me, when last month my mom shopping in senci, she looked at this shoes, then call me up. and the most exciting thing is, this shoes discount 40% !!! rawwwrrrrrr. .. finally ur mine :)

Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

future plan

i would write down my future plan here..


1. FK UI
if i can get this extravagant college, i really want to focus this subject. i mean focus in this case it's not always study without doing anything fun. but this major will be a big big part of my action and become my focus more than music.

actually i wanna take this as my major and IT as my minor, but i think i can't. besides college life, i wanna make a next step in my music life. so maybe either music or fashion life.

3. IT
if i can't pass anything, i will take IT as my major, and ofcourse do a next step in music world, and study fashion design in LaSalle or Esmod. my target is finish this major for 3,5 years and take 2nd degree in industry,law, or medical.

4. Still in process
i'll try to apply in some medical college outside jakarta. if i can get it, i still dont know if i can move there and leaving my life, my family, my social life, music world in Jakarta. hxhxhx.. :(

Rabu, 14 Januari 2009

Binus University

alhamdulillahirobbilalamin. that's all i can say when i know that i got my scholarship in IT Binus. still , there's a long way out there that i must finish. but thankfully,one university was in my hand, so i can continue my education after high school. maybe for some people gettin this university it's not hard or smthg, but who cares. i really dont cares their opinion, i try to focus on what i want. if there's a change, i will used it as i can.

SIMAK UI is up commin. i really really nervous. well as u know, i didn't have enough time to study in first semester. n u can imagine, that all my friends who has a big passion in FK has already prepare theirselves since in 2th grade. ooh gosshh, i'm late.