Senin, 17 November 2008

welcome jakarta

just go back from bali. i was perform on mastercard event, and the party was sooo great. Dimi opened the show w her wonderful performance, Titi DJ performed her several hits, and closed with Edward Hutabarat fashion show n the adorable models such as Fahrani, Izabel Jahja, Dominique, etc. Host by Sarah Sechan & Nicholas Saputra. unfortunately i have no picture from that event, i'm very hectic for that. but i'll try to find some pic from my friend, n when i get it, i will post in this blog.

after the show @ Sentosa Villa, Bali

my first uber damage 'trashy flashy' costume party
ki-ka: risa,me,syaza,asstrid
i got this pic from

on 23th there's costume party "Uber Damage" n 25th i'll pform on Harper's Bazaar event. but on 21th until further notice i have final exam! arrrggghhhhhh i hate it, i must study hard! :(

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