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songs in my mind

ada beberapa lagu maupun soundtrack film yg lg sy suka. most of movie soundtrack yg sysuka didasari oleh kegemaran sy thdp filmnya. selain itu disini saya jg akan membagi vidio dan lirik r lagu2 yg lg sy suka.
A. his name is Sam Sparro. musik asli nya dia hampir2 mirip M.I.A gt, but this not what i love 'bout him. yg bkn sy suka sama dia adalah, ketika dia nyanyiin lagunya Estelle-American Boy (bkn brarti gw g suka yg versinya Estelle, i love that too (waktu white partynya Ku De Ta, lg ini dimainin lho!), but sam sparro's version it soo unique). yes i'm a big fans of this song, dan pd saat makan2 di pim, ica ngasi denger saya lagu ini versi dia. 'woww' satu kt yg bs keluar dr mulut saya saat itu. sy yg saat itu blm mengetahui siapa orang ini ,begitu terkesima. berbeda skali style nya ktika menyanyikan lagu ini di banding dgn single2 aslinya dia. btw,HE'S A GAY. sempet shock jg wkt itu*duh finn, lagi2 gay.
B. lalu ada lagi soundtrack film yg berasal dr 2 diantara film favorit saya. yg pertama adalah the evening. film ini diperankan oleh Claire Danes dan ...... what i love 'bout this movie adalah, it has a simple story, but really sweet&meaningful, soo classy (dgn settingan tahun 50-60an). mgkn bbrapa orang merasa bosan menontonnya, nmn saya sdh menonton film ini berulang ulang. Lagu ini aslinya di nyanyikan oleh Ella Fitzgerald, namun disini Claire Danse menyanyikannya dgn suaranya sendiri.
film lainnya adalah Down With Love, diperankan oleh Renee Zelweger & Ewan Mcgregor. masih bersetting d tahun 50-60an (that's why i love this movie), film ini mengedepankan unsur girl power. kl The Evening lbh melancholic, lain halnya dgn film yg dibuat seperti live action itu. film ini mengandung unsur comedy yg sangat cerdas.
c.lagu selanjutnya berjudul Take A Bow dari Madonna. saya tau lagu ini waktu mau main di Moonlite (ririn nyanyiin lagu ini). first of all, yg ada dibenak saya hanya sebuah lagu easy listening. nmn stlh diulang2 dan melihat liriknya, there's something yg bs bikin sy goosebumps, ditambah lg i had something that really bothered me blkgan ini (omaigod, it's really sucks, i dont wannabe like this,it's like eeeuukhh..) jadilah lagu ini lgs masuk kdlm otak. ternyata saat meliat vidio klip (baru inget kl waktu TK dl pnh nonton) nya di U Tube, motha f*cka, Madonna it's sooo damnn hot! parahh bgt deh.
D. selanjutnya lagu Diggin On You from TLC. lagu ini sgt easy listening dan sp aja yg denger pasti pgn ngulang2 terus. nyanyiinnya jg enak bgt, sangat santai dan fun (haha kaya mainan). sbnernya ini jg slh satu lagu lama, dan saya taunya krn dsuru nyanyiin sm mba dimi.

(berhubung ga nemu lyric rap nya si Sam Sparro, jd gue posting lyric versi nya estelle-kanye aja ya)
[Kanye West:] Dis is da numba one champion sound Yeah,
Estelle we 'bout to get down
We da hottest in the world right now.
Just touched down in London town.
Bet they give me a poun d.
Better put the money in my hand right now.
Tell the promoter we need more seats, We just sold out all the floor seats.

[Chorus: Estelle]
Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day.
Take me to New York, I'd love to see LA.
I really want to, come pick it with you.
You'll be my American Boy.

He said, Hey Sister.
It's really really nice to meet ya.
I just met this 5 foot 7 guy who's just my type.
Like the way he speak here, his confidence is peaking.
Don't like his baggy jeans but I'm a like what's underneath them.
And no I ain't been to MIA
I heard that Cali never rains and New York's wide awake.
But first let's see the west end.
I'll show you to my bedroom.
I'm like this American Boy. American Boy.


Can we get away this weekend.
Take me to Broadway.
Let's go shopping maybe then we'll go to a Cafe.
Let's go on the subway.
Take me to your hood.
I neva been to Brooklyn and I'd like to see what's good.
Dress in all your fancy clothes.
Sneaker's looking Fresh to death
I'm lovin' those Shell Toes.
Walkin' that walk.
Talk that slick talk.
I'm likin' this American Boy. American Boy.

Let them know a gwan blud

[Kanye West:]
Who killin' em in the UK.
Everybody gonna to say you K, reluctantly,
Because most of this press don't f**k with me.
Estelle once said to me, cool down down Don't act a fool now now.
I always act a fool oww oww. Ain't nothing new now now.
He crazy, I know what ya thinkin'.
White Pino I know what you're drinkin'.
Rap singer. Chain Blinger. Holla at the next chick soon as you're blinkin.
What's you're persona, About this Americana Rhymer.
Am I shallow cause all my clothes designer.
Dressed smart like a London Bloke.
Before he speak his suit bespoke.
And you thought he was cute before.
Look at this P Coat, Tell me he's broke.
And I know you're not into all that.
I heard your lyrics I feel your spirit.
But I still talk that CAAASH.
Cause a lot wags wanna hear it.
And I'm feelin' like Mike at his Baddest. The Pips at they Gladys.
And I know they love it. So to hell with all that rubbish.

Would you be my love, my love.
Could be mine Would you be my love my love,
Could you be mine Could you be my love, my love.
Would you be my American Boy. American Boy



What good are words I say to you?
They can’t convey to you what’s in my heart
If you could hear instead
The things I’ve left unsaid

Time after time

I tell myself that i’m
So lucky to be loving you
So lucky to be
The one you run to see

In the evening, when the day is through

I only know what I know
The passing years will show
You’ve kept my love so young, so new

And time after time

You’ll hear me say that i’m
So lucky to be loving you

Take a bow, the night is over
This masquerade is getting older
Lights are low, the curtains down
There's no one here [There's no one here, there's no one in the crowd]

Say your lines but do you feel them
Do you mean what you say when there's no one around [no one around]
Watching you, watching me,
one lonely star [One lonely star you don't know who you are]

I've always been in love with you [always with you]
I guess you've always known it's true [you know it's true]
You took my love for granted, why oh why
The show is over, say good-bye
Say good-bye [bye bye], say good-bye

Make them laugh, it comes so easy
When you get to the part
Where you're breaking my heart [breaking my heart]
Hide behind your smile,
all the world loves a clown [Just make 'em smile the whole world loves a clown]

Wish you well, I cannot stay
You deserve an award for the role that you played [role that you played]
No more masquerade,
you're one lonely star [One lonely star and you don't know who you are]


All the world is a stage [world is a stage]
And everyone has their part [has their part]
But how was I to know which way the story'd go
How was I to know you'd break [You'd break, you'd break, you'd break]
You'd break my heart



i was like peace in a groove
On a Sunday afternoon
You were there so was I In the park 4th of July
I was chillin' with my Kool-Aid
When Miss Chilli came to relay
That you had a thang for me
Finest thang you'd ever seen

I must admit to you
I've heard them lines a time or two
Although for some apparent reason
Monkey lines are now in season
Lights off, lights on
I guess the groove is on so I am

Diggin' the scene Diggin' on you Diggin' on me
Baby bay-ooo-baby baby
It's on like that It's on like that
I gotta be in love or somethin' like that

I was like deep in a cool
What'nt gone be nobody's fool
Could not care less who was there
Could've been like anywhere
I was chillin' with my Kool-Aid
Did not want to par-ti-ci-pate In no silly conversations
Had no time for new relation-ships
I must admit to you
When I heard the lines you threw
Although it usually turns me off
But this time you have turned me on
Lights off, Lights on
I guess the groove is on and I am

Oh why do I feel the way I do
When all I can think about is you
What was it in a line
That made me fall for you Do you know
Why I'm diggin' diggin' diggin' diggin' on you

Diggin' on you It's on like that Diggin' diggin' diggin' diggin' on you

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