Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

in the realm of...

there are two kind of person. one got their privilage since they was born bcos the family background, in other way got the privilage w their education or successful or their marriage. i see some people grow up w their privilage based on their family. and this kind of person may get a good education and a happily marriage to increase their prestige status. don't be jealous of that fate, cos it just throw u into a condition that u can respect urself anymore. yea some people must struggle to get their status, but we can blame god for this. just think this is just their luck.

human will be a human. don't deny that we easily get impresed by human appearance. this is make so many people transforming their self into a person that they wish or like, n it's called "make over". most of this situation happened w girl. just take an example, in a elementary even junior high school some of girl defend their self as a tomboy. u dont really care about ur skin, ur face, ur WEIGHT, n ur stuff. as a time goes by, in high school maybe, u see that u have so many beautiful friends, n realize that people are more interesting talk to someone who have an A+ in every aspect. since that u take care ur skin from any pimples, shining up ur hair, use whitening cream, buy any magz for fashion inspiration, etc. u become better and better and show any of ur ability. people are more attracting to u. say hi when u walk even u dont know who they are, some of the guy flirting to u, their listening what u talk, respect to u, and everybody wants to be ur friend. u right up to the hip, u become on top. but then smthg happen. u feel tired w that spotlite, dismay, n empty. u predicted what will be happen if u losing ur charm, ur ability, u have soo many pimples, fat, n ur loosing material stuff. are they still act nice to u? n u realize all that u need are just a family who always support u, n a real friends who approve what u are & always be there for u.

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