Senin, 09 Maret 2009


day 1

i was perform with DIMI & FULLHOUSE at ROOM CENDRAWASIH 3. it was so great! although we got the same time with Jason Mraz and Afgan (ditengah2 jason, kt baru mulai), the crowd still awful. Dimi featuring with Kamga (Tangga) in songs Together and Yacko in Absence. unfortunatelly, me & ririn didn't standing separately because the microphone already setting side by side, so we can't feel free to move like usually. but it doesn't matter, we still enjoy the show. fyi Dimi and Yacko already pregnant for 6 & 5 months! hahaha so it's really fun watching 2 singers pregnant on the stage.
i feel so tired, my parents were leaving at 10 pm. pas gw lg ngantri New York voice at 12.30am, decided to go back at home krn udh g kuat. tp bhubung udh jam segitu dan gw nebeng temen, i decided to sleep in her house.

day 2

so the next day i can enjoy all the show. i saw Jason Mraz with my Choir team, and in my opinion Jason didn't give his best performance. it just looks like jammin time on cafe, in this version on a big stage. yea i know none artist from another country gave their best performance in Indonesia. They just play likes jammin, not give their extravagant effect. i feel so sleepy di tengah2 pformancenya. at 11 pm i watched Laura Fygi, she just soooo sexy. evetho she didn't give her extravagant pformance, tp kl ini ms lbh interaktif dn lbh niat.

day 3

performed with ELFA'S YOUTH JAZZ in PRE EXHIBITION HALL. it was really fun, n the crowd so amazing. we sang some jazz number likes 1 note samba,a nightingale in berkeley square, a few songs from Sergio Mendez,etc. after the show i met my junior high friends and we saw Brian McKnite together. the show was great. scr lagu2nya lbh familiar dan dianya jg lbh niat nyiapinnya.

guess, where is me??

5 komentar:

Arimbi mengatakan...

fienda, gw liat lo loh pas brg elfa's youth jazz. gw sukaa banget pas bawain morning in rio nya sergio mendes, jarang2 ada yg bawain salah satu lagu favorit gw itu hehe. good luck ya kancah uan2 dan perkuliahannya (itu fase yg sucks bgt emg tp sabarin aja entar juga lewat kok)

Kiky mengatakan...

Too bad I missed it fiend :'(

Fienda Ferani mengatakan...

k arimbi: makasih kak, doain aja biar smuanya lancar. haha elfa's youth jazz nya blm sempet di posting, lg g blh bnyk2 main komputer hehe

kiky: hahaha it's alrite

xika mengatakan...

fienda that is so cool I wish I had your voice hahaha tukeran suara mau gak?

Fienda Ferani mengatakan...

hahaha basically, everybody can sing kali hehe