Jumat, 24 Oktober 2008

fall asleep rewards

this kinda funny. i told u i'm such a lazy student. i always fall asleep at school, no matter what subject were explain. on my birthday, shinta told to the entire guest that i loved to sleep at school. but it soo last year. today i try to focus on the matery, even when i try to listen, my brain still in a blank actually.

i got this awards from my 2nd grade's class friends. aniwei, this is so affecting. wondering how they considered on me, even when i enjoy my dream. hahaha lol.

2 komentar:

Shel mengatakan...

hey.. found your blog while blogwalkin:)

award nya lucu bangeett!! hahaha..
jangan2 nulis blog sambil ketiduran juga?
u are sooo cute...:)

Fienda Ferani mengatakan...

hahha, thank you :)